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Many of the examples presented here, are soup-to-nuts projects. That is to say, we worked with our clients to create the results they needed, by providing them with a variety of services: strategy, Intellectual Property protection, product development & launch, supply-chain management, marketing communications, graphics, messaging, photography, video, printed assets, e-commerce, fulfillment, web content and more. It’s fun when we get the opportunity of working with small businesses. Entrepreneurs’ products and services are so exciting. We feel honored to be involved in helping make their dreams a reality.

“We are a one-stop shop. We understand business. We’ve encountered the difficulties of successfully getting your voice heard in an increasingly unscrupulous marketplace. There’s so much to get done – alas, such little time. You need to rise above the noise and your competition. We know how, we have the formula”.


“This story, begs to be written as a book. It’s also very close to our heart. The Ripple Rug has been one of our pet-projects, (pardon the pun, as it is a product for pets), for over the last three years. Our combined skills, from years of working in the industry, have enabled us, (RuckSackNY) to create, launch, manufacture, market and distribute the Ripple Rug – turning it from an idea into a most-wished for product, all on a shoestring.”


From official product launch to #1 Best Seller on Amazon in just four months. Ripple Rug sales generated over two-million dollars in revenue in just under three years. During which time SnugglyCat fought-off established counterfeiters, that dared to pass-off the Ripple Rug as their own product as part of a Nationwide Television and Marketing Campaign.

A multi-prong strategy:

  • market-test phase
  • brand development
  • product development
  • market analysis
  • competitor analysis
  • segmentation and positioning
  • product launch
  • pricing
  • customer adoption
  • manufacturing
  • fulfillment and distribution
  • marketing communications & PR
  • online engagement
  • intellectual property management, i.e. copyright, trademarks and patent

Wide range of product development challenges and problem resolution – including:

  • idea generation and screening
  • material sourcing
  • cost calculation
  • manufacturer evaluation
  • beta-testing
  • A/B testing

Both the company brand “Snuggly Cat” and the “Ripple Rug” product branding were designed based on a series of criteria:

  • brand persona
  • brand challenges faced
  • brand attributes
  • brand values
  • brand culture
  • naming convention
  • positioning
  • market needs
  • building brand equity
  • brand voice
  • logo design
  • brand bible
  • packaging and print components
  • online guidelines

Online Presence,  provides:

  • brand experience
  • information
  • entertainment
  • useful resources
  • e-commerce component
  • social engagement
  • blog-component



Photography captures:

  • brand essence
  • product information
  • beautiful, eye-catching imagery
  • story-telling
  • components for print, online and press

Video serves many purposes, including:

  • product information
  • entertainment
  • social-sharing
  • story-telling

Videos completed include:

  • Kickstarter (Initial product test and pitch for the Ripple Rug Product)
  • Cats Gone Wild Series (Hilarious compilation of real customer videos)
  • How-Tos (Demonstrates how the product is used)
  • Commercials (Why you need the Ripple Rug)
  • Themed (Christmas, Star Wars featuring BB-8)

Multiple Stages (a) Procurement of Materials Needed and (b) Contract Manufacture Evaluation:

  • identification of materials required
  • material performance testing
  • supplier search
  • proposal solicitation and supplier selection
  • lead-times and order-routine specification
  • manufacturer search and evaluation
  • cost analysis
  • inventory management

Coordinated tactical launch:

  • media and press outreach, including: television appearance on the NBC’s Today Show, press packs etc.
  • social media messaging and content reflecting launch
  • website updates, emphasis on product availability
  • e-commerce capabilities enabled on ripplerug.com
  • inventory pipeline and fulfillment readiness

Successful Marketing and PR has enabled Ripple Rug to reach the audience on a very limited budget:

  • identification of target audience, customer preferred behaviors and most-frequented media
  • creative advertising, rolled out to below-the-line media
  • creation of content for sharing and other engagement
  • outreach to pertinent bloggers
  • providing news-worthy stories to the press
  • creating buzz through television appearances and radio/podcasts
  • e-mail marketing
  • social media interaction and photo-posts

Development of online distribution and selling through e-commerce channels, including:

  • Ripple Rug website integration using Shopify
  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Chewy
  • E-Bay
  • Etsy
  • Wayfair
  • QVC

Fulfillment established to meet the needs of online e-commerce, physical brick-and-mortar stores and large distributors:

  • integration with ShipStation
  • direct relationships with USPS, UPS, FedEx and DHL

Social media forms part of our online marketing communications strategy,  we reach our audience through a variety of social providers e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc., using promotions and other techniques:

  • sharing of customer videos
  • online competitions
  • special-date promo sales
  • crowd-sourcing
  • cute video and photography
  • entertaining stories

Intellectual Property is an important asset, we helped protect SnugglyCat and Ripple Rug through various submissions:

  • copyright
  • trademarking
  • patent
  • verified rights program
  • notices of infringement
  • brand registry

“It takes courage to bring an idea and turn it into a marketable product. There are so many pitfalls and obstacles along the way. Let us help you take you in the right direction…the first step is the hardest”.


To this day we’ve created so many videos, that it’s impossible to share them all. We create videos with different goals; such as: How-To’s, Testimonials, Product Promotions, Commercials, Educational, Kick-Starter, TV-Show Content, and more…

These moving images encapsulate the true value and meaning of the product, service or story, individually-tailored to the needs of our clients.

And yes, who doesn’t love a good cat video – we’ve done those too!


TITLE: Why Did The Turkey Cross The Road?

TASK: To create a ‘texting and driving’ Thanksgiving-themed PSA

This fun video is a behind the scenes, ‘making-of’ the Texting Turkey PSA. From initial idea and brainstorm to complete commercial in just four days!

These were just a few examples of video projects that we’ve completed over the years. They represent a variety of favorites and different styles which suited the needs of both small businesses and larger corporations, for whom we produced those assets.

If you’d like to see more examples of any of our creations, please call us, we’d love to chat.



Not only did we create the brand components for the websites featured here, but we also took photographs, designed graphics and penned the copy too. In these instances, we set-up the websites in such a way, that the brand-owners can easily update blog pages, statistics and other pertinent information.