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We believe in working with seasoned moving-image experts, technology-pros, wordsmiths, cat-herders and artisans.
We don’t prescribe to the: “I own a drill, so that makes me a dentist” mentality here.


– Creative Director –

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Always keeps you guessing. More energy than the energizer bunny. Loves inventing and construction. Borderline tech geek. Stirs the pot whenever possible. Will make you laugh till it hurts.

Quote: Good, Fast, or Cheap… Pick Two.

Inspired by: The Challenge


– Writer/Producer/Director –

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Fascinated by pre-history and ancient rock walls. Currently writing a historical thriller. Classically trained pianist, learning to play the drums. Always getting her hands dirty. Vegan.

Quote: Every little step you take gets you closer to your end-goal.

Inspired by: Selfless People