We can help you bring your ideas to life, defend your Intellectual Property, beat your opposition…and inspire you along the way.


From technical consulting to concept development and everything in between. We can help bring your stories to life…and create buzz around them.

Your brand is your powerhouse, it is what distinguishes you from cheap knock-offs, counterfeits and inferior competitor offerings or services.

“RuckSackNY is an agency of record for American Express, and I have greatly enjoyed working with them. They deliver very quickly, and they are also nimble and able to change direction or make fast edits when the project requires. They are very responsive and easy to work with. Most importantly, they deliver big-agency results at a small agency price!”

Caryn Bonner, American Express OPEN, Sr. Manager, Customer Marketing


Each of your products and/or services have a story behind them. Your story deserves to be heard. We use proven techniques to get your communications in front of your audience.

While we use a range of social media and other online approaches, we realize that traditional communications, print and media placement are all important tools in your arsenal. We are human after all. A little offline/non-digital love can go a long way, especially in today’s increasingly hectic mobile and digital world.

Fred and Natasha Ruckel back their work with creativity and enthusiasm that is unrivaled. Working with them, no matter what the project entails, is inspiring and uplifting. Openly critiquing a task from both sides, your heartfelt opinion and theirs, enables your project to be taken a level that leaves others paling in comparison. Their top priority is the amelioration of your project or idea and ultimately the foundation of a wonderful working relationship. Their expertise and experience gives everything they collaborate on the utmost advantage to stand out from the crowd.”

Cordelia Schreiber, Sommelier & Owner, Ze Windham Wine Bar


We will help you understand the complexities of selling online. This includes helping you craft individual messages, images, graphics, videos and other assets that can be used to engage, influence and sell your products and services. Need to stand out on Amazon? Then please speak with us.

We’ve done this for our own products, not just for small and large businesses. Let us help make your life easier, we can consult, set-up and navigate various online services, freeing-up your time so that you can successfully manage your business.


We’ll work with you to ensure you have all the necessary assets and are able to follow the rules of many online marketplaces, as well as payment and fulfillment services. 

“RuckSackNY were wonderful to work with. After having bad experiences with other producers, we were recommended RuckSackNY to help with a sensitive project using some of our best (and most protected) clients. RuckSackNY worked tirelessly to understand our goals and put together a plan to achieve them. They are professional and accommodating with our Clients and have become someone I can depend on with all of our projects. In addition, the final product was amazing – artistic and yet right on target for what we were looking for”.

Anna Mollner Lipman, American Express OPEN, Sr. Manager, Customer Marketing


With over one billion websites out there, it’s hard to be noticed. We’ll help you get your voice heard. We’ll help make a website that’s unique to you.

We’ll walk in your audience’s moccasins with you. We’ll use language, images, graphics and strategic messages to create a valuable experience for your web visitor. Let’s entertain, capture the imagination, educate and feed your customers’ appetites.

“We bridge the gap between ‘idea and execution’. At RucksackNY, creative development continues to evolve throughout both the production and post-production processes, enabling us to develop memorable integrated communications. Our success and growth is attributed to word-of-mouth and referrals from our clients.”



By understanding you, your ideas, your services or your products we can frame your raison d’être in one perfect picture.

Whether it’s the all-encapsulating picture of your product on a white background for e-commerce channels, or delicious shots of your creatively-adorned food plates in your fanciful eating establishment – we’ll bring together not only your unique selling points but also  your brand essence.

“Being nimble allows us to react to changes in the marketplace.”


Whether we’re in a field, up to our knees in mud, shooting whilst up a tree, filming with a drone, or in a controlled studio environment – we capture those memorable moments: your products, your unique vision, your messages, the action, the emotions and the drama.

We’ve created a wide range of videos, each individually crafted to meet our clients goals e.g. How-To’s, Testimonials, Product Promotions, Commercials, Educational, Kick-Starter, TV-Show Content, and more…


Our post-production services include: editing, animation, motion graphics, special effects, color correction and finishing.

Just the right balance of motion graphics and perfectly cut video, can help enhance your product or service. It will help bring your story to life and draw in your audience.