How long have you been in this business?

Our experience spans many years within several different industries. Fred has worked in television advertising for 25 years. Natasha has been Marketing for 23 years. Not only have we created marketing and advertising for some of the biggest brand names, but we’ve also launched our own invention, achieving over a million-dollars revenue in just two years (The Ripple Rug).

How much does it cost to get stuff done?

We work to your budget to determine the best strategy to meet your goals. We put together timelines and estimates which provides transparency of the costs and the processes needed to complete your project. Let’s chat, it’s the easiest way to see if we can help.

Can you create everything?

Haha – this depends on how you define ‘everything’. We can work with a client from initial concept, through to branding, launch, and “to infinity and beyond”! That includes everything from your logo, packaging, web presence, videos, scripts, marketing strategy, tactics, essentially all the assets needed for every form of communication. However, we’ve not reached interplanetary levels, we’ll leave that to Elon Musk and friends.

Which brands have you worked with?

There are many. Here is a list of some of the more recent ones: Chase, Chevron, American Express, OPEN, CoverGirl, P&G, TRESemmé, Kohls, Central Park Conservancy, DIY Network, QVC, The Today Show, Snuggle, PediSand, LeGlue, and (our favorite) SnugglyCat’s Ripple Rug.